Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time!

Greatest Movie Villains Of All Time . Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men, 2007) . . “What business is it of yours where I’m from…friendo?” . Few characters evoke as much mystery, repulsion and wonder as Javier Bardem’s Anton Chigurh. A being void of reason and morality, Chigurh kills indiscriminately as if he had […]

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Tangerine Review: Indie Magic

9/10 The subject matter of prostitutes, pimps, race, drugs, sex, homosexuality and gender roles is foreign to most and even repulsive to some. But that’s the beauty here. It draws you in… you start to care about the characters and you start to laugh with them. You then admire their pluck. You feel their frustrations, […]

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First Man Review

9/10 Gosling gives a remarkable performance as the thoughtful, intelligent space pioneer in this intimate, visceral, and poignant biopic. Chazelle’s magnificent adaptation of James R. Hansen’s ‘First Man: The Life Of Neil A. Armstrong’ is an up close and personal exploration of Armstrong’s life back in the 1960s. Gosling is a masterful actor: one who […]

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Joaquin Phoenix: Appreciation Post

Joaquin Phoenix is regarded as one of his generation’s most gifted screen actors, if not the best of all, as well as one of Hollywood’s most singular stars. His performances are inquisitive and improvisatory, and he fully commits to every single scene, line, and expression, wether he’s rehearsed or not (he doesn’t believe in rehearsing)! […]

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Venom Review

Venom, 2018 • 5/10 . ‘Venom’ moves quickly and is fairly good-natured, but otherwise this flatly written, lacklustre comic-book action movie feels more like a paycheck-driven business decision than an artistic inspiration. The movie boasts some interesting creature visual effects, for the most part, but Hardy is essentially the only actor who seems to be […]

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Ryan Gosling: Appreciation Post

Ryan Gosling became America’s boyfriend when “The Notebook” came out back in the summer of 2004. But, Gosling had actually been around for quite some time before then, with a career spanning over three-decades (he’s been acting since he was eight). . “The Notebook” essentially made him a star, but his meaty roles in small, […]

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Hunger Review

9/10 Hunger is a daunting, powerful and provocative directorial debut from one of the best British directors in the game, Steve McQueen (Shame, 12 Years A Slave). McQueen opts for images and long gut-wrenching shots over being dialogue heavy, and It’s horrific. But Hunger displays uncommon intelligence and visual panache, transcending the goal of making […]

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