Pet Sematary, 1989 Review

5/10 With the new ‘Pet Sematary’ remake just around the corner, I felt it only right to watch the original, and I have to say, I was very dissapointed. This isn’t the worst adaptation of a Stephen King book ever made, but considering how bad some others are that isn’t a compliment you’d want for […]

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The Spy Who Dumped Me Review

4/10 Although Kunis and McKinnon’s sterling attempt at keeping this movie afloat didn’t quite go to plan, I cannot dispute how hard they tried, but unfortunately, due to the lacklustre script, weak espionage plot, little to no character development, and jokes that fail to hit the mark time and time again, this film is one […]

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The Darkest Minds Review

4/10 ‘The Darkest Minds’ suffers from a lackluster script, derivative dystopian themes, annoying characters and a cringey romance. The movie is predictable and unevenly paced. Worse, Chad Hodge’s script is clunky and results in unintentional laughter. Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson did a brilliant job with her two Kung Fu Panda movies, but here, there’s so […]

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Blindspotting Review

9/10 Carlos López Estrada takes on racism, gentrification, police brutality, start-up culture, corporate branding, social media, and the ever so fucked justice system in his first-time feature film, Blindspotting. Longtime friends and collaborators, Daveed Diggs (Collin) and Rafael Casal (Miles) co-wrote and star in this timely and wildly entertaining story about friendship and the intersection […]

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MovieFest’s Weekly NewsFest

Weekly NewsFest: • As of this morning the writer and director of Suicide Squad 2 has officially been confirmed as James gunn • Netflix have renewed Ozark for S3 • Peter Dinklage joins the voice cast of caveman sequel The Croods 2 • A first look at Ruby Rose as Batwoman in the arrowverse has […]

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Apostle Review

8/10 Although it doesn’t quite justify it’s 2 hour runtime, Apostle is a slow-burning descent into a horrific folklore nightmare with a commanding lead performance from Dan Stevens that’s backed up by one of my favourite scores of this year. When you hear the name Gareth Evans, you normally affiliate it with two of the […]

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Schindlers List Review

Schindlers List, 1993 • 10/10 In Schindlers List, Steven Spielberg displays the virtuosity of a great documentary film maker: The Holocaust, in which six million Jews, political prisoners, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and gays, were killed is too vast and too atrocious to comprehend. So Spielberg searched through history for the one true story that will make […]

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