The Nun Review


Although ‘The Nun’ boasts a couple of strong lead performances and some decent spooky atmospherics, the film suffers on a whole due to the lacklustre script, inconsistent logic, and it’s senseless overuse of cheap jump-scares.

By overly relying on jump scares, “The Nun” uses a mechanical approach toward instilling fear rather than a more profound understanding of horror! I don’t know why Corin Hardy felt the need to constantly plow the film with cheap scares and all the typical tropes of an average horror movie, because in doing so, all he succeeded in was taking away the ultimate feeling… suspense!

Apart from some half decent sound effects and Taissa Farmiga’s confident performance, this film has nothing to offer you apart from cheap brainless scare tactics that you’ve already seen before in every other average horror movie.

On a sidenote, this makes me happy to know that Corin Hardy will not have anything to do with ‘The Crow’ remake, that’s if it even happens!


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